Friday, February 26, 2010

Bo~rn freeeeee!

Oh, happy doys joy and glad offerings! Once again, I am free, unbound from the wretched prison of fallen hardcovers, and I can finally stretch my legs! And my tail! And my neck! And now I can type for myself again, though Mouse did a very good job besides putting words in my mouth. Even if they were true.

Oh? He says he was practicing to be a ghost writer. I didn't think he liked all that spooky stuff, but never judge by a cover, right? I love a good scary book, especially if you read it at night, by flashlight. During a thunderstorm is even better. Sometimes a good little scare is what you need to get your heart racing. But if it gets too scary, it's always good to have a friend nearby.

What? Mouse says it's not that kind of ghost writer, but what other type is there? I mean, if you write about ghosts, they're going to be spooky, right? I mean, ghosts and hauntings and all that...there's even books on if it's real!

Could you imagine, sitting here reading by the fire in the library, then you see someone in an old fashion dress walk by...she turns and looks at you, then poof! She just disappears?! Okay, now I'm getting a bit scared. I'm going to go read something else.

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