Monday, February 22, 2010

Many hands make...a lot of fingers!

Wow, so many people have been by to help out, I can actually move around now! I've been doing my part, reading as fast as I can to help make a hole. Now there's room to sit down, so it's actually quite comfy.

Best of all the different people helping has been this nice lady, Pat. She works so hard, for so long, sometimes I think she might be a robot! But, if robots worked in libraries, what would the librarians do??

Well, I better go, I'm dictating this to Mouse, and he's running back and forth on the keyboard, I think his little wheels are getting tired. He's been so helpful, typing for me, bringing me pencils to snack on, being my best friend and the most perfectest Library Mouse in the whole worlds, hey I didn't say that!

Oh Well!

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