Thursday, March 4, 2010

Website Upper-grade!

The papers are everywhere, the paint is still drying, the pictures are a little sideways, but wow! Does the new webpage ever look good! I didn't really help at all, but I've been watching, and waiting and it's finally, completely, utterly except for a few finishing touches done!

Mouse and I were really waiting to see this, weren't we? There's even a cute little picture of me! I mean...I don't think I'm super cute, but the picture is! I'm not one of those, "Oh, look at me and my shiny fur and my big flat tail" kind of beavers, those are the show offs. But there are places for everything, even the people who work at the library have their favorite books listed! I wonder if I could get my favorite books listed? I'll have to send them an email about it.

Speaking of papers everywhere, that big list of books seems to be getting bigger! I mean, it's all over the place!! Here, there, a lot of it not in order, it's really crazy. I'm trying my best to help, piling them back together again, I just hope this silly inventory thing is done soon!

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