Thursday, February 4, 2010

Band books?

and The library is having some special kind of week, and it's all about reading. I expected that, cause it's a library, don't you know! But they keep talking about 'band books'. They have this really cool display set up, with posters and 'Attention' tape...but there are no books about bands there...hmm...

They have some really neat books, though, and some I've only seen once or twice. There's "And Tango Makes Three", "The Handmaid's Tale" and "The Giver", not to mention a couple shelves more! There are a few movies and stuff, all of it sounds really neat.

Wait, I just read the posters they have there. I guess, at one time or another, these are all books and stuff that got banned, or people tried to stop them from getting printed. I guess they didn't like what the stories were about. I Don't really like stories about hunting and trapping, and things like that. *shudder* But other people might like them, so I just won't read them myself.

I wonder what kind of stories there are in these books?

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