Friday, February 12, 2010

Ack! Help!

Dearest, favorite-est, happiest patrons, I'm trapped! One by one by one by one all the books are being checked and double checked, so piles and piles are being set aside. These are the new ones that need to be re-catalogued, but a horrible, terrible-est thing has happened! They fell over, a ginormous avalanche of reference proportions! And now, yours truly has been trapped behind the mess with one a computer, my glasses and 37 pencils. Well, and lots of reading material.

One by one by one the librarians are work to clear it, but being librarians they have to put everything back in it's right spot, so it's a bit of slow going. Any help would be so happy and thankfully appreciated! The sooner these books are cleared away, the sooner I can see my good friend Mouse again.

Mouse! Can you hear me?! If you can, be careful of the book pile! And remember to turn the lights out at night! (I can't reach the switch from back here!)

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