Thursday, January 28, 2010

Huzzah and hooray!

One of my favoritest people is back at the library, Jana! She's back, and here, and helping, and everything! Considering how much fun she has here, I don't know why she ever left, but into every beaver's life a few leaves must fall.

Speaking of fall and seasons and weather and spring, I think the clouds sprung a leak! Whoever was working the snow making machine things broke something, cause it was raining like crazy! So much of the snow melted, there were little rivers in the streets; I was tempted to go out and dam one of them up, but that would have made it really hard for all the cars and buses and trucks and big ol' sport thingies. Instead, I just played in the yard, made a little dam on the walkway to the library, then put it all away. Just like I put away my galoshes. It's one thing for a beaver to go swimming, but in the rain, even I need to wear my rubber boots.

But now it's snowing again, and the spring is over, back to winter and completely skipping summer and fall. Oh well, there'll be another spring soon enough, and that's soon enough for me. Once I tried off and snuggled down in front of the fireplace, it was pretty watching the snow fall in big wispy, wiffy, cotton balls.

Isn't weather fun?

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