Thursday, January 14, 2010


It's soooo pretty!! Having a working computer is a pretty big deal for a library. Don't get me wrong, the card catalogues they used to use were incredible...the crisp smell of ink when a new card was filled out and added to the stack, the beautiful sleek cabinets all the cards would go into, dozens of little drawers, a piece of art polished and shiny...looking so delicious...whoops, my tummy started to grumble there.

But, well, what was I saying before I started talking about those cabinets...the polished feel...the smell. Mouse says I have to stop that, it's not my fault, they just look so incredible. Give me a sec to read back...right, computers!

That's what's so pretty and shiny, they got a new computer here, or at least new enough that hopefully nothing else will explode for a while. For a while they were talking about evergreen trees, but I don't know why, I never liked them cause when you start chewing through them, the sap gets all gummy and caught in my teeth, but not in a good way. It's like gnawing on a big wad of toffee at Halloween, but not nearly as sweet.

So, yeah, new computer for the library to work on, yay! It sounded like they wanted to get new ones for everybody to use, too, as well as a bunch of new books and other stuff, but some budgie wasn't big enough? They're pretty small birds, so I can understand that, although I've never seen one around the library. Sometimes I see chickadees outside the windows, or hear geese flying by, maybe even a bluejay if I'm lucky...what's that Mouse? That doesn't make any sense, even if they have to give pieces of paper to people to get stuff, we're in a library, remember? There's paper everywhere! Wait...but we don't want to wreck the books...hmm...maybe I could get them some trees and they could make their own paper, that might work! I love the library, and I love to help out!

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