Friday, January 8, 2010



Don't mind the smoke, it'll clear out in a minute or two. Wow, my coat's all dirty now...I'll have to clean up before I go to bed.

Did it ever get crazy-crashy-system-smashy!

I don't know what those librarians did, but one minute everything was calm and quiet, going along like a nice, gentle river. Then all of a, whirrr, beeep, beeep, click...

Something happened, and now the computer has amnesia! It doesn't remember anything that's happened in the past few months!! Luckily, it still remembered me, or no one would have read another word from yours truly and Mouse. Mouse was worried for a while, he said sometimes computers get I think it was 'colds', like a bug, or was it a virus. A virus, that's what it was! Or what he said. Or what he thought might have happened. He said he had a virus once, it made him do everything backwards. So, if he wanted to go forward, he had to go backwards, and to go backwards, he had to walk forwards. Left was right, up was down, black was white! Well, no, black was still black and white was still white, like a clean sheet of paper. But Mouse said it was hard to walk around for a while.

Mouse says that sometimes computers just get old, or little pieces wear out...tiny pieces we can't even see! I trust him, though. Mouse is smaller than me, so he knows a lot about small things. But now the librarians have to teach the computer everything it forgot, so I'm helping too. I'm re-reading all the old books I read to Mouse, so the computer can listen in. Mouse thought we should make some soup, and I agreed. The computer didn't want it though, so we had it ourselves. I love chicken noodle soup!

This was definitely a fun time, getting ready to read all my old, favorite books again. Maybe this is what people mean about starting the year off with a bang. What? What was all that smoke from? Well...I'm not very good in the kitchen. I should have asked for help when I was making our soup, now I have a mess to clean up. Oops!

Happy New Year from Bupl and Library Mouse!!!

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