Thursday, December 31, 2009

All by myself...sorta

I didn't realize everyone left the library for so long over the holidays! I went and visited Mama and Pops, they've got a neat little place down the river, very cosy. Library Mouse must have went somewhere too, because when I got back, he was nibbling on home-made cookies and was wearing a weird hat. I think it was a sombrero!

Mouse and I had lots of fun with everything so quiet; we made a game out of stacking books side by side, then tipping over the first one...and watching them all tumble! It was like a big noisy version of dominoes! It got a little scary when Mouse had to run out of the way, and we learned to be a lot more careful. But it was fun, and we laughed and laughed, we also made sure we cleaned everything up. I don't think the librarian would like it, coming in the next morning and finding everything a huge mess!

Mouse and I are trying to come up with other ideas of things to do. There are lots of books about sports, so we thought about trying to make our own! Maybe...who can read the fastest-est? That's not really a sport. Maybe just carrying heavy books, like a weight lifter? Oh, and a race around different stacks, that could be fun! I'll talk to Mouse, and see what he says. Happy holidays!!

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