Friday, December 4, 2009

Ta da!! First post!

Wow, setting this up was a lot harder than I expected. Now I'm really glad my little buddy Mouse offered to help.

Hello internet people and book readers! My name is Bupl, and this is my blog. Anyone who checks out my profile will see two things, probably. Well, there's a lot more than two things, but two things really stand out. First, I'm a beaver. On top of that, I live in a library! How cool is that? Well, I think it's cool, at least.

Who's Mouse, you're wondering? He's the Library Mouse that lives here too. He hangs out with the kids, and some nice ladies even made him a little blanket. Mouse is swell, and he knows lots about computers. That's why he helps me out. Me, I like books, I love to read and read and read. Books are made of paper, and paper comes from trees. Since I'm a beaver, I have a thing for trees, but I have more of a thing for books. *grin* But I am a very special beaver, or so I've been told.

Well, Mouse has been showing me how to use the computers to look up books in the library, but once I got reading stuff on the computer, I got a little side tracked. Then I found out about these blog things. Did you know 'blog' really means 'web log', like a diary on the internet? It does, honest! I looked it up! Anyhow, the truth is...I'm kind of shy. I mentioned before, Mouse has plenty of friends, but whenever people come into the library...I hide. *blush* I know, it's kind of silly.

Since I'm a beaver, I have big front teeth, to chew down trees. Since books come from paper, which comes from trees, I have to try really hard not to chew on the books! I still chew on pencils, though, cause I write a lot. The erasers taste funny, though. My advise: do NOT eat pencil erasers, and don't even chew pencils, unless you're a beaver. But since I've got these big front teeth, when I talk I sort of...whistle. It's soooo embarassing! So I hide out while other people are in the library. But here, on my fancy-shmancy, super-shiny new blog of deliciousness, I can write out what I want to say, no whistling! Yay!

So, when I get the chance, I'll probably write about books I'm reading, what I'm thinking or doing. Maybe Mouse will even share some stories; he has plenty of friends, but he's got a small little voice. He's a sweet little guy though! For now though, my hands are kind of tired. That's a whole lot of typing I just got done! Feel free to stop by and say hi to me here, or check out my library's webpage. They even have a Facebook page! What's a facebook, like a picture book with faces? I must have said something funny, cause Mouse is laughing at me. Oh well!

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  1. Welcome to the internet-o-sphere, Bupl! We're glad you're here!
    Thanks for the tip about the pencils, I'll keep it in mind next time I'm hungry.