Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's Beginning to look a lot...


I mean, really, wow...

I'm not used to having this place to myself during the week, but on Wednesday (I could tell it was Wednesday cause it was the day after Tuesday, but before Thursday) there was a HUGE snowstorm. So huge, the people couldn't even get to the library! I could see the snow outside, being whipped around by the wind WHOOOSH one way, and then WHOOOSH the other.

Actually, it made me a little dizzy, watching the snow, so I quit looking out the window. Mouse just snuggled up in his little blanket, and I sat on the new couch. Oh it was soooo comfy! And I was careful to follow the couch rules, although why any-beaver would want to write on a couch, I don't know. That's what books are for!

It was especially fun because the weekend before, Santa had visited! I even got a candy cane!! He left it for me, I know cause it had a tag with my name on in. Well, actually, it said "Beaver and Mouse", so I shared some of it with Mouse. It was good and crunchy, though, very different from pencils.

So it was a quiet little day, in a quiet little library, reading on the couch next to a quiet little Mouse. Well, not that quiet; Mouse is a noisy eater. But I couldn't hear him over the wind, so it was okay.

Here's a picture of a snowflake cause it snowed sooo much!

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