Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jingly-jingle bells! got really cold, really fast! I'm just really glad I've got a fur coat. I mean, the fireplace in the library is nice, but you have to sit really close to feel any heat, so Mouse and I curl up in front of it. Mouse brings his blanket, and we share while I read him a story. Mouse can read on his own, but he has a bit of trouble turning the pages of bigger books. Besides, what are friends for?

With Christmas coming up, I can see all the different activities the librarians have planned on the big wall calender. They're doing things like making gingerbread houses (yum!), making ornaments and even Christmas crafts! I like the idea of making things, beavers are naturally creative. I mean, we spend most of our lives building and renovating our homes! Never know when you might need a guest room, or another bathroom.

But I'm having some trouble with something...I want to give Mouse a present. Shh! Don't let him know! But I don't know what to make him. Maybe one of you might have an idea, what are some kind of gifts that you think Mouse might like? Have you ever made a gift for a friend before? Any and all ideas would be great, thanks you library-type persons!


  1. So what did you end up getting Library Mouse for Christmas Bupl?

    I think it would have been a nice idea to get him a little book light so he can read books after the librarians close the library! It must be hard to climb on things in order to turn on the lights. Is that why you wear glasses? Because you have to strain your eyes to read in the dark library?

    Hope you had a great Christmas! Have an extraordinary New Year!!!

  2. Actually, I got him a micro-fying glass, it's kind of like a magnifying glass but it makes things smaller. That way Mouse doesn't have to run back and forth across the page to read. Mouse doesn't mind the excercise, but hiss little feet make a lot of noise in a quiet library.

    I do wear glasses because of reading in the dark, how did you know?? But I found an easier way than reaching the light switch; I read everything next to the fireplace. It's so cozy!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!