Friday, March 12, 2010

Great Glitterfulness!

Hey! Did you hear?? A very merry, twinkle, sprinkle, pretty, itty bitty fairy has come to the library! And what's more...she wants to help!

She brought her glasses and a little sparkle pen, and for just a quarter, she offered to catalogue one of our books! I asked what would happen if we gave her a lot of quarters, and she pushed up her glasses, scrunched up her nose, smiled and said. "Then I'll have a lotta work to do!"

It seems fairies like shiny things, I've read that before, there are lots and lots of books here about fairies and magical places and queens and armies...where was I? Oh yeah, fairies! So, yeah, she really likes quarters, and when a fairy makes a deal, they really stick to it. So I've been checking under chairs, between books and everywhere I can to find more for her.

If any of you have extra quarters, please bring them in! Not only is she helping us out with our work, but the longer she has to work the longer she'll stay, and she's sooo pretty! I hope she stays around. Welcome Library Fairy!

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