Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April showers bring...lots of newly catalogued books!

Hello dearest patrons!
I realize its' been a while since I last wrote, but the ladies who work at the library were sad for a while, because Wade (who is super smart and really good at computers and ALWAYS brought in snacks - candy, not pencils, unfortunately) had to go away. They're happier now that he says that he's going to come visit, though, and so I'm now in the mood to write again.

Mouse has been busy helping the cataloging fairy. Personally, I think he's only doing it so that he gets to use the very pretty glittery pen! I tried to help, but it was just so delicious looking I couldn't quite stop myself from nibbling just a little! So now I'm helping by putting "new" stickers on all the books they've finished and putting them out on display. I'm running out of room, though, so hopefully people will come and borrow them to read!

The librarians have been making displays, too! There's a really big one with all sorts of books about trees, water, rocks, and the environment for Earth Day. I've been reading them and they're really neat! One is even all about beavers, so I think that one's my favourite, but it's hard to choose.

Speaking of the environment, it's snowing right now! For reals! I thought it was supposed to rain in April, not snow! I'm going to sneak over to the fireplace for a nap right now! Maybe Mouse will take a break from helping catalogue and bring his blanket over.


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