Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April showers bring...lots of newly catalogued books!

Hello dearest patrons!
I realize its' been a while since I last wrote, but the ladies who work at the library were sad for a while, because Wade (who is super smart and really good at computers and ALWAYS brought in snacks - candy, not pencils, unfortunately) had to go away. They're happier now that he says that he's going to come visit, though, and so I'm now in the mood to write again.

Mouse has been busy helping the cataloging fairy. Personally, I think he's only doing it so that he gets to use the very pretty glittery pen! I tried to help, but it was just so delicious looking I couldn't quite stop myself from nibbling just a little! So now I'm helping by putting "new" stickers on all the books they've finished and putting them out on display. I'm running out of room, though, so hopefully people will come and borrow them to read!

The librarians have been making displays, too! There's a really big one with all sorts of books about trees, water, rocks, and the environment for Earth Day. I've been reading them and they're really neat! One is even all about beavers, so I think that one's my favourite, but it's hard to choose.

Speaking of the environment, it's snowing right now! For reals! I thought it was supposed to rain in April, not snow! I'm going to sneak over to the fireplace for a nap right now! Maybe Mouse will take a break from helping catalogue and bring his blanket over.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Great Glitterfulness!

Hey! Did you hear?? A very merry, twinkle, sprinkle, pretty, itty bitty fairy has come to the library! And what's more...she wants to help!

She brought her glasses and a little sparkle pen, and for just a quarter, she offered to catalogue one of our books! I asked what would happen if we gave her a lot of quarters, and she pushed up her glasses, scrunched up her nose, smiled and said. "Then I'll have a lotta work to do!"

It seems fairies like shiny things, I've read that before, there are lots and lots of books here about fairies and magical places and queens and armies...where was I? Oh yeah, fairies! So, yeah, she really likes quarters, and when a fairy makes a deal, they really stick to it. So I've been checking under chairs, between books and everywhere I can to find more for her.

If any of you have extra quarters, please bring them in! Not only is she helping us out with our work, but the longer she has to work the longer she'll stay, and she's sooo pretty! I hope she stays around. Welcome Library Fairy!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Website Upper-grade!

The papers are everywhere, the paint is still drying, the pictures are a little sideways, but wow! Does the new webpage ever look good! I didn't really help at all, but I've been watching, and waiting and it's finally, completely, utterly except for a few finishing touches done!

Mouse and I were really waiting to see this, weren't we? There's even a cute little picture of me! I mean...I don't think I'm super cute, but the picture is! I'm not one of those, "Oh, look at me and my shiny fur and my big flat tail" kind of beavers, those are the show offs. But there are places for everything, even the people who work at the library have their favorite books listed! I wonder if I could get my favorite books listed? I'll have to send them an email about it.

Speaking of papers everywhere, that big list of books seems to be getting bigger! I mean, it's all over the place!! Here, there, a lot of it not in order, it's really crazy. I'm trying my best to help, piling them back together again, I just hope this silly inventory thing is done soon!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Bo~rn freeeeee!

Oh, happy doys joy and glad offerings! Once again, I am free, unbound from the wretched prison of fallen hardcovers, and I can finally stretch my legs! And my tail! And my neck! And now I can type for myself again, though Mouse did a very good job besides putting words in my mouth. Even if they were true.

Oh? He says he was practicing to be a ghost writer. I didn't think he liked all that spooky stuff, but never judge by a cover, right? I love a good scary book, especially if you read it at night, by flashlight. During a thunderstorm is even better. Sometimes a good little scare is what you need to get your heart racing. But if it gets too scary, it's always good to have a friend nearby.

What? Mouse says it's not that kind of ghost writer, but what other type is there? I mean, if you write about ghosts, they're going to be spooky, right? I mean, ghosts and hauntings and all that...there's even books on if it's real!

Could you imagine, sitting here reading by the fire in the library, then you see someone in an old fashion dress walk by...she turns and looks at you, then poof! She just disappears?! Okay, now I'm getting a bit scared. I'm going to go read something else.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Many hands make...a lot of fingers!

Wow, so many people have been by to help out, I can actually move around now! I've been doing my part, reading as fast as I can to help make a hole. Now there's room to sit down, so it's actually quite comfy.

Best of all the different people helping has been this nice lady, Pat. She works so hard, for so long, sometimes I think she might be a robot! But, if robots worked in libraries, what would the librarians do??

Well, I better go, I'm dictating this to Mouse, and he's running back and forth on the keyboard, I think his little wheels are getting tired. He's been so helpful, typing for me, bringing me pencils to snack on, being my best friend and the most perfectest Library Mouse in the whole worlds, hey I didn't say that!

Oh Well!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ack! Help!

Dearest, favorite-est, happiest patrons, I'm trapped! One by one by one by one all the books are being checked and double checked, so piles and piles are being set aside. These are the new ones that need to be re-catalogued, but a horrible, terrible-est thing has happened! They fell over, a ginormous avalanche of reference proportions! And now, yours truly has been trapped behind the mess with one a computer, my glasses and 37 pencils. Well, and lots of reading material.

One by one by one the librarians are work to clear it, but being librarians they have to put everything back in it's right spot, so it's a bit of slow going. Any help would be so happy and thankfully appreciated! The sooner these books are cleared away, the sooner I can see my good friend Mouse again.

Mouse! Can you hear me?! If you can, be careful of the book pile! And remember to turn the lights out at night! (I can't reach the switch from back here!)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Band books?

and The library is having some special kind of week, and it's all about reading. I expected that, cause it's a library, don't you know! But they keep talking about 'band books'. They have this really cool display set up, with posters and 'Attention' tape...but there are no books about bands there...hmm...

They have some really neat books, though, and some I've only seen once or twice. There's "And Tango Makes Three", "The Handmaid's Tale" and "The Giver", not to mention a couple shelves more! There are a few movies and stuff, all of it sounds really neat.

Wait, I just read the posters they have there. I guess, at one time or another, these are all books and stuff that got banned, or people tried to stop them from getting printed. I guess they didn't like what the stories were about. I Don't really like stories about hunting and trapping, and things like that. *shudder* But other people might like them, so I just won't read them myself.

I wonder what kind of stories there are in these books?